by Tom Diehl

Individual health insurance has certainly gone through some radical changes since January 1, 2014. Some changes have been improvements for clients, however the rising cost of premiums, followed by the loss of most health insurance companies in our area, have certainly had a negative impact on this industry. The 2017 Open Enrollment left millions of Americans with the least options for individual health insurance that I have ever experienced! There were very few plans to choose from and many were unaffordable for dozens of my current clients. As a result, many folks decided to be uninsured for 2017, and just hope for a healthy and safe year.

Therefore, after this year, I will no longer offer quotes or help with plan comparisons for individual major medical insurance. Up until this year I have enjoyed helping clients by providing information, and discussing a variety of options for them, based on their unique situations. Individual health insurance was the main interest in my business and therefore the most common theme of my informative articles. I have decided not to continue writing articles for this publication after this issue. It was a difficult decision, since I have written a monthly column for every issue since February 2011. The articles were supposed to be of an educational/informational nature to help the community. I hope my articles covered subjects that were helpful for many of you in our area.

I plan to continue offering help and information with other types of insurance, like Medicare, dental, vision, disability, long term care, life insurance and group health. Let me know if you have questions about any of these insurance products. My services will be free, as always, and I can provide quotes in a timely manner.

Please keep my contact information from this magazine and let me know if I can help you or a friend. Thanks to all who took the time to read my articles during the last six years. I have enjoyed meeting many of you and sharing your insurance concerns. See you around Drip’!

Tom has been a licensed independent insurance agent in Dripping Springs since 2003. There are no fees for his assistance in finding the best plans for his client’s specific situation and free quotes can be generated the same day. Contact or call 512-535-3556.

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